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Michael E. Lee Jr was born August 10, 1989 to Fabiola & Michael Sr. In Woodland Hills, Ca. The Youngest in the family of 5, Relocated to The Antelope Valley In 1994. Michael Sr. Along with his brothers(Derek Lee & Alan Lee)all played in a band together (Rhyme Tyme People) growing up in South Central(LA) Mike L. has always been in a musicians environment. After his parents separated in 95' he developed a passion for music. He Started Dj’ing House parties, & small venues around Southern California During high school & called Themselves M.C.R. It was in 2005 when Mike L. was asked to Organize a street team for the super group "5th Year Senior" aka "BLOK FAMILY" After Years of being in the presence of Highly talented artists & patiently through success & defeat, stay tuned.